Stand for the Four Pillars, stand for the Legion Family

Greetings, Sons of The American Legion,
We are off and working to make 2023-24 a great year! What an honor to be elected as your national
commander and be able to represent my grandfather’s service in the Army during World War II.
“Representing More Than Me” is my slogan for the year because I truly believe that is what the Sons
of The American Legion should be all about. As we sign the membership paper it is a commitment to
pay respect to our family member’s service in our military. Let’s make sure that our commitment is
worth the sacrifices they made.
I believe in the Four Pillars of our organization, and what they stand for. The American Legion was
built believing in Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, Americanism, Children & Youth and National
Security and they are still the core beliefs of what the American Legion Family stands for. I have
issued a commander’s challenge to all Squadrons to support the Four Pillars and become a National
Four Pillar Squadron. To do so, all you need to do is raise one dollar per member each for Operation
Comfort Warriors (VA&R), the Child Welfare Foundation (Children & Youth) and your department’s
Boys State program (Americanism) and hold a blood drive (National Security). You will then receive
an award for being a National Four Pillar Squadron. That is not that hard to do, if we plan and work to
get it done.
I believe that the Sons of The American Legion can reach new heights and crush our records for
hours volunteered and donations. It will take all of us working and believing in the work we do to help
our veterans, children, and community. Aaron Tippin sang a song that said, “You’ve got to stand for
something or you will fall for anything.” Let’s stand for what is right and show that our family’s service
is worth all of us being the best Son we can be. “Be The One” in more ways than one.


Donald L. “JR” Hall, Jr.
National Commander
Sons of The American Legion
“Representing More Than Me”

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