Donald JR” Hall Fall Message

Donald JR” Hall Fall Message

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Greetings New York Legion Family ,

                                Ready or not here comes the fall. As fall moves in days get shorter, darker, and the temperature drops leaving more people to stay inside where its warmer. That also stops us from seeing each other as much which means not seeing our neighbors, veterans and friends as much. Darkness is not always good for everyone so please remember during these times to “Be The One” to do Buddy checks on your neighbors, veterans and friends. You will never know how much a phone call to someone will mean when they are alone.

                                Veterans Day falls on a Saturday this year so it removes many excuses why we can’t get out to honor our American heroes. I hope each Squadron is planning to do something at your home post to let our veterans know that we appreciate their service to our great nation. It is also a great time to have a Flying Flags for Heroes event. That would be a great way to honor all of our veterans that have been called to Post Everlasting. If you post or squadron does not have a event planned then look for memorials in your area and go place a flag yourself, take a picture of it and post it on . We all need to find a way to make sure our military, past and present know that we support them and are here for them.

                                       Remember you signed up to honor your family members service, so ask yourself, What am I doing to truly honor their service? You don’t have to do it the same way I do, honor your family service your own way. Show your pride in your families service and your appreciation for others. Talk to a veteran in need and “Be The One” to change a life or save a life.

Representing More Than Me,

Donald JR” Hall

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