3-Member Membership Form

Blue Brigade Award Form

Charles B.Rigsby Volunteer Form

Consolidated Squadron Report (Fillable)

Consolidated Squadron Report/Instructions

Delegate Registration Form (Fillable)

Dues Transmittal Form

Emblem Sales Order

Exemption Tax Form ST119 (Fillable)

Expense Voucher

Expense Voucher (Fillable)

Five & Ten Material

Get Connected-Stay Connected

Individual Recruitment Award

Marvin P. Nay VE&E Award Form

Member of the Year Award

Member Data Form & Instructions

Membership Application

Membership Recruiter Report

Membership Renewal Form

Mission Blue

National Update Form

National Update Form (Fillable)

NEF Application (Fillable)

New Charter Guidelines

New Charter/Reinstatement (Fillable)

OCF (For County & Districts Only)

Form 30-183 (OCF) Fillable

Form 30-183 (OCF ONLINE)

Form 30-183 Instructions

Reimbursement Schedule

Sales Tax Emblem Sales

SDR Squadron Data Report

SDR New Charter Squadrons Only

VAVS Representative/Deputy Application

Veterans Service Award


Administrative Manual – National

Americanism Handbook

Ceremony Manual

Chaplain’s Prayer Manual

Constitution & ByLaws

C&BL Resolution & Amendment Form

2019 C&BL Revisions

DEC Manual

Detachment Directory

Detachment Manual

TAL MidWinter Schedule

National Plan Book 2017

Partisan Politics/The Emblem

Protocal Guide

Public Relations Manual

Sons 101 Intro: Power Point

Sons 101 Intro: PDF

Squadron Handbook

Squadron Transmittal Guide

United States Flag Code

VAVS Representative/Deputy Handbook

Youth Manual

Press Release Templates:

Legion Activity

Boys State Invitation

Legion Service-Parade

Election News Release

Election News Release (Fillable)