Important Documents are Due!

Important Documents are Due!

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Every year, there are three (3) important forms that your Squadron

is required to submit to Detachment HQ.

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Due by April 15th

Squadron Data Report (SDR)….. Maintaining your squadron’s current information with

National and Detachment Headquarters has become more important than ever.

Completing an annual Squadron Data Report (SDR) is necessary to inform your

Detachment and National of pertinent information regarding your squadron and, most

importantly, membership dues and renewal information. Complete an annual SDR even

if your squadron information has not changed. Any information that has changed can be

indicated by checking either the “CHANGE OR CORRECTION” boxes on the form.

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Due by June 1st

Officer Certification Form (OCF)….. Most every Squadron’s annual election occurs in

the month of May. The OCF needs to be filed with Detachment HQ every year

immediately after your election of Officers, even if the Officers remain the same! Of all

the forms requested by the Detachment organization, this is one of the most important

one. This provides for essential information so that Squadrons can be contacted and be

informed of programs, events, and other items throughout the year.

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Due by June 1st

Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR)…..Of all reports, the Consolidated Squadron

Report (CSR) is perhaps the most critical document a squadron can complete. CSR

information is combined with other squadrons in creating a final report used by The

American Legion, forwarded to the U.S. Congress, and is used to apply and verify

awards at National Convention. It also is the basis for Detachment level awards given at

Convention each year. Not all squadrons participate in every program; leave those

fields blank. The key is to report on the activities your squadron participated in from

June 1st to May 31st. The form can also be completed online at

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Thank you in advance for completing all three (3) forms EVERY year!

Sons of The American Legion

Detachment of New York

1304 Park Blvd.

Troy, NY 12180

518-463-2215 (fax) 518-427-8443 (e-mail)


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