June 27 2024 Membership Report

June 27 2024 Membership Report

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Hello Fellow Members,

The June 27 2024 Membership Report is ready.  This will be the last membership report for the 2024 membership year with the exception of the report I will run before the Detachment convention.  Please remember that the 2024 membership numbers are not final until Dec 31, 2024 so please continue to submit them.

Current 2024 membership for the Detachment of NY currently stands at 31,319 (102.14% of year end goal).

The Detachment of New York, 6/10 Districts, 36/60 Counties and 225/381 squadrons have reached their 100% membership goal.

For the July 24th 105% Delegate Strength Target Date 0/10 Districts, 20/60 Counties and 145/381 squadrons have reached this goal.

All of the membership cards for the 2025 membership year should be mailed out from the detachment by tomorrow (6/28).  Every squadron should them within 2-3 weeks.  Processing membership data for the 2025 membership year with the online membership system should be available on July 1, 2024.

Thank you for a terrific membership year.

Dusty L Quick

Detachment Membership Chair

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