American Legion Family Day 2024 Guidance

American Legion Family Day 2024 Guidance

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Purpose: to be observed annually on the last Saturday of April (April
27, 2024). It encourages posts to open their doors to members of their

community for a day and celebrate our accomplishments.

National Americanism Commission

S.A.L. members can coordinate with their sponsoring
Posts to showcase Americanism in the following ways:

Make sure there is a serviceable American Flag present
Pamphlets for all Americanism “Youth Programs” should be available.

Contact your Department regarding the availability of the “Star-
Spangled Kids Kits created by the Auxiliary.

Host a blood drive (falls under Americanism in the S.A.L.).
Host a flag-etiguette program, including a flag retirement ceremony.
Place flags to honor veterans and record your event on the Flying
Flags for Heroes website.
A laptop and video screen could be utilized to showcase American
Legion Programs supported by your Post.
Have comic books and coloring books available. They can be ordered
from American Legion Emblem Sales.
Recognize individuals and businesses in your community at the event
by utilizing the “SAL Flag Appreciation Certificate”
Questions: email Chairman Casey at

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