25% Target Date Report Membership Report 2023

25% Target Date Report Membership Report 2023

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Below is the 25% membership report. On Oct 12 we needed 1105 membership submittals to reach the 25% target date.  We missed by 9.  So close.  We are at 24.97% of the goal with 7657 total submitted.  Last year at the 25% target date we were at 19.47% with 5815 memberships submitted so our year-over-year gain is 1842.  We are performing better.

Other numbers.  132 squadrons have not submitted membership renewals as of this date.

We have 7 squadrons that have achieved 100% membership already.  Only 1 squadron of the 7 has submitted an OCF form.   

The next 3 target dates are as follows:

Nov 15 – 35% Goal

Dec 13 – 45% Goal

Jan 18 – 60% Goal

And for those interested.  We are currently ahead of Ohio by 229 members.  😊



6th District Commander

Detachment Membership Chair

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I would have liked to be able to download the report as an excel document so I could sort it, rank it, ect.

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