Liberty Newsletter Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 edition of The Liberty Newsletter, VOLUME 13 ISSUE 4, from the Detachment of New York, Sons of The American Legion, features key updates and messages. Detachment Commander Peter J. DeAngelis, Jr. details his recent activities, including conference attendances, district visits, and a wreath-laying at Arlington Cemetery. Adjutant Robert Avery reminds members about essential forms like the Officer Certification Form and the Consolidated Squadron Report, crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and compliance. The newsletter also promotes the candidacy of Bill Clancy fo National Commander, highlighting the importance of fundraising efforts to support his campaign. Additionally, several reports focus on Americanism, the importance of supporting veteran programs, and enhancing public relations through updated websites and community participation. The issue also honors past commander Albert J. Deichler, Jr., and showcases community and fundraising events, urging members to continually build and embody the spirit of Americanism. …

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100% MembershipTarget Date Report May 15th, 2024

The May 15th 2024 Target Date Membership Report reveals that the Detachment of NY narrowly missed their membership goal, achieving 99.37% with a total of 30,469 members. While the aim was to reach full membership by this date, only 4 out of 10 districts, 25 out of 60 counties, and 197 out of 381 squadrons successfully met this target. Additionally, for the upcoming July 24th goal of 105% Delegate Strength, none of the districts have reached the target yet, with only 12 counties and 115 squadrons achieving it so far. …

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Upcoming 100% Membership Target Date – May 15th

In his May 2024 message, Detachment Commander Peter J. DeAngelis of New York emphasizes the importance of meeting the May 15th deadline for 100% membership renewal. Stressing urgency and optimism, he reports that only 386 renewals are needed to reach this target. DeAngelis calls for immediate action from Squadron membership chairmen, County commanders, District commanders, and Vice commanders to ensure all dues are submitted promptly. Highlighting the power of unity and the significance of collective effort, he encourages everyone to intensify their efforts in these final days to fulfill the renewal goal. He concludes by reaffirming his commitment to the community and invoking national pride. …

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Membership Report May 9, 2024

As of May 9, 2024, the Detachment of NY has reached 97.84% of its membership target with 30,001 members. By the May 15 target date, 2 districts, 20 counties, and 183 squadrons have achieved 100% of their goals. To meet the full membership target, 662 renewals are needed; 695 are required for a new record. …

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Membership Report May 2 2024

The May 2, 2024, Membership Report showcases the current status of the Detachment of NY, with 29,885 members, achieving 97.46% of the year-end target. As of May 15th, partial targets have been met across districts, counties, and squadrons. For total renewal and a new membership record, 778 and 811 renewals are needed, respectively. …

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Membership Report April 25 2024

The April 25, 2024 membership report reveals that the Detachment of NY has reached 96.31% of its year-end goal with 29,533 members. As of now, 18 counties and 167 squadrons have achieved the 100% target for May 15. To meet this goal, 1130 renewals are required, and 1163 for a new record. …

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Membership Report April 19 2024

The April 19, 2024, Detachment of NY Membership Report indicates current membership is at 95.91%, with 29,409 individuals. By May 15th, 18 out of 60 counties and 165 out of 380 squadrons reached the 100% target. To achieve total membership goals and set a new record, 1254 and 1287 renewals are needed, respectively. …

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50th Annual Detachment Convention Call 2024

The Sons of The American Legion Detachment of New York will hold their 50th Annual Convention in Niagara Falls, NY from July 16-19, 2024. Delegates will handle fiscal business, vote on Resolutions, Amendments, and elect officers. Registration requires a $20 fee and a completed form by check. Events include financial and pre-convention meetings, sessions, two luncheons with guest speaker Joseph Mayne, and induction of new officers. Lodging is available at the Holiday Inn with meetings at the convention center. …

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Membership Report March 28, 2024

The March 28, 2024, Detachment of NY Membership Report indicates 27,893 members, nearly 91% of the annual goal. As of April 10, four districts, 35 counties, and 210 squadrons met the 90% target. Twelve counties and 125 squadrons have already achieved the May 15th full membership target. Renewals required for 100% goal: 2770; for a record: 2803. – Dusty L Quick, Chair. …

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