Membership Report April 19 2024

The April 19, 2024, Detachment of NY Membership Report indicates current membership is at 95.91%, with 29,409 individuals. By May 15th, 18 out of 60 counties and 165 out of 380 squadrons reached the 100% target. To achieve total membership goals and set a new record, 1254 and 1287 renewals are needed, respectively. …

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Membership Report March 28, 2024

The March 28, 2024, Detachment of NY Membership Report indicates 27,893 members, nearly 91% of the annual goal. As of April 10, four districts, 35 counties, and 210 squadrons met the 90% target. Twelve counties and 125 squadrons have already achieved the May 15th full membership target. Renewals required for 100% goal: 2770; for a record: 2803. – Dusty L Quick, Chair. …

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Membership Report March 21, 2024

The March 2024 Detachment of NY report reveals 27,743 members, at 90.48% of the annual goal. As of April 10th, 4 districts, 34 counties, and 200 squadrons hit the 90% target. By May 15th, 10 counties and 122 squadrons reached 100%. Renewals needed for full goal achievement and a new record are 2,920 and 2,953, respectively. …

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Membership Report March 14 2024

The March 14, 2024, Detachment of NY Membership Report states 27,601 members have achieved 90.01% of the year-end goal. For 80%, 100%, and record membership targets, specific district, county, and squadron milestones are mentioned, with renewals required for the 100% goal being 3062, and 3095 for a new record. …

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National Commanders Message March 2024

National Commander Don “JR” Hall reflects on the solemn gathering at the Washington Hilton, as over 180 members of the Sons of The American Legion laid wreaths at memorials, honoring family service and sacrifices for America. He expresses his pride and the importance of remembering the ‘why’ behind their tribute, urging ongoing respect for the country’s heroes and the significance of their collective remembrance. …

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