National Commanders Message March 2024

National Commanders Message March 2024

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A time of honoring and reflection

By SAL National Commander Don “JR” Hall

MAR 08, 2024

As we gathered in the lobby of the Washington Hilton with all the wreaths for the many detachments to lay at the memorials in honor of their family’s service, I asked that everyone remember their “Why” and reflect on why they are a Son and who their membership honors. Then we left as a group of over 180 to pay tribute as a Legion Family together.

As I sat by myself briefly to gather my thoughts at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, before laying our wreath to represent the Sons of The American Legion and my grandfather’s service, my thought was, “What an honor to represent my family and our organization.” I was so honored to share this with my wife Margie by my side and friends sharing the special moment; I cannot explain that feeling. To be there and honor the service of so many of our men and women that sacrificed for our country. I ask myself, what made me worthy of such a great act? I can’t answer that question, but I will thank every member of the Sons that helped me get to this position.

This day was not a day to go through the motions, but a day to remember why we do this every year. Honoring our families, our country’s patriots and heroes is exactly why we are there, and why we come back every year to reflect and be thankful for all that our armed forces have done to make America the great country it is today.

The many wreaths that were placed at the Vietnam, Korean and World War II memorials were all symbols of a Legion Family that appreciates and remembers the service and sacrifices made by so many. What a proud moment to lead our group carrying wreaths through many that watched and wondered why. Those that watched and listened to us pray, reflect, and give thanks might have learned something.  We hope they understand that the Sons of The American Legion and the entire Legion Family still honor and respect our country’s heroes.

We must never forget all the conflicts and wars that made us who we are.

We must continue to honor and remember the sacrifices of so many.

Never forget your why, and always represent your why.

“Representing More Than Me”

Don “JR” Hall

SAL National Commander

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